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Ceramic Extrusion Techniques

Pilot Corporation offers high precision extrusion manufacturing techniques to create extremely tight tolerances with very thin walls for length over diameter ceramic applications.

Extrusion is a process by which long, straight products such as rods and pipes with various cross sections can be produced continuously. The technology allows capillaries with a hole diameter of 20 µm without boring or machining.

High precision small diameter ceramic capillaries are perfectly extruded in outer diameters ranging from 0.3 to 5 mm. The length can be cut to meet customer specifications but it generally ranges from 0.3 mm to 120 mm.

± 0.5 µm Outside Diameter
± 0.3 µm Inside Diameter
> 100 µm Wall Thickness
< 120 mm in Length

The number of fine holes produced with extrusion technology is dramatically increased compared with conventional sintering that produces 200 µm versus 20 µm using extrusion. This technology can also produce ceramic capillaries with hundreds of uniform holes avoiding pressure loss through holes.

Extruding technology utilizes a high density ceramic that is made with low porosity and controlled grain sizes. Alumina and zirconia are the most common materials used in the extrusion process.

Accuracy of Extruded Products

Outside Diameter± 2%n/an/an/an/a
Inside Diameter± 3%n/an/an/an/a
Concentricity50 µm500.050.0020002.0000
Eccentricity0.01 µm1000.10.0040004.0000
Surface Roughness2 µm20.0020.0000800.0800

Pilot Precision Ceramics – Dimensions & Tolerances

Outside Diameter± 2%n/an/an/an/a
Inside Diameter± 3%n/an/an/an/a
Concentricity50 µm max500.050.0020002.0000
Eccentricity.01 mm max1000.10.0040004.0000
Surface Roughness2 µm max20.0020.0000800.0800
Outside Diameter± 0.5 µm0.50.00050.0000200.020
Inside Diameter± 0.3 µm0.30.00030.0000120.012
Concentricity2 µm max2.00.00200.0000800.080
Surface Roughness0.1 µm max0.10.00010.0000040.004
Eccentricity (P)0.05 mm max50.00.05000.0020002.000
Eccentricity (S)1~2 µm max2.00.00200.0000800.080
Surface Roughness (S)0.1 µm max0.10.00010.0000040.004
Length Minimum0.3 mm3000.300.012012.00
Length Maximum120 mm120,000120.004.70004700.00
Outside Diameter Maximum5 mm5,0005.000.2000200.00
Inside Diameter Minimum0.01 mm100.010.00040.40
Wall Thickness Minimum5 µm1000.100.00404.00
Rods and Single Bore Tubes
Outside Diameter Minimum0.3 mm3000.300.012012.00
Multi Bore Tubes (2 to 6)
Outside Diameter Minimum 0.5 mm5000.500.020020.00

(P) = Precision tolerance after secondary processing
(S) = Super Precision tolerance after secondary processing

The dimensions, accuracies and tolerances listed in the chart above are examples based on using high quality alumina or zirconia. Actual results will vary dependent on the material selected and the geometry of the product design.

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